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Green Products

Under green products feature nano pave, eko flow, pathways stabilizer, back brick, hardscape sealer all by Tecnisoil

Definition :- "It is the pratice of increasing efficiency with which buildings use resources- energy, water and materials-while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment."

"Green building technology should reach all"

Technisoil Bark Binder

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BarkBinder topically applied liquid stabilizer acts like hairspray for shredded bark and mulch ground cover, pine straw, and more. BarkBinder concentrate dilutes with water, providing for an easy spray-on application process that is completely safe for use around people, animals, and landscaping. The crosslinking bond reduces erosion, but still allows for natural decomposition of ground cover materials along with water transfer to the soil and plant growth below such as bulbs or perennials.

Technisoil Nano Pave

Advanced Formula NanoPave JSS is a color enhancing 2-in-1 joint stabilizer and sealer liquid for walkways and patios built with pavers, natural stone, bricks, and flagstone. The cross-linking polymer stabilizes common jointing materials such as paver sand in joints ¾” or less, or decomposed granite (DG) in joints up to 4” wide. NanoPave JSS is available in two fast curing, ultra clear sheens, Natural Look and Enhanced Finish. It is quick and easy to apply topically using a handheld pump sprayer and foam rubber squeegee.

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